The Most Expensive Football Players in the world according to their position.

The world of football today is  a Market, where we have the highest commodity, and the lowest commodity in terms of prices and qualities.

Players in Football are the commodities traded, they are transfer or given out as loans in exchange for a cash Price.

As we all know , before I can decide to trade or get a particular commodity, there are lots of characteristics I need to check, and some factors I need to consider before getting a particular commodity.

This is no exceptional in the world of football , as players are rated according to their qualities and they are valued according to their skills, and how well they will yield interest to the club.

Some clubs run at loss,while some get their profits after a player is being valued when sold.

This article wants to look at the current most expensive players in the world.

Most expensive players

1.Most expensive goalkeeper

A lot of people will fail this, when asked who is the most expensive goalkeeper in the world?

Yeah!!!, I know you are actually thinking about it right now.

You don’t need to think farther , as your answer is right here.

Kepa Arrizabalaga is the world’s most expensive goalkeeper, the Spanish born player trades in England for premier league club Chelsea.

He won the UEFA Europa League with chelsea, even though we have great goalkeepers like Hugo Lloris, Thibaut Coutois,  the 23-year-old has made his way into the history books by becoming the world’s most expensive goalkeeper following his £71.6m move to Chelsea from Athletic Bilbao.


2. Most expensive defender

His name is Virgil Van Dijk, he is a Dutch player and currently plays  for Liverpool. He is the world’s most expensive  defender, after a record move of €84.5 from Southampton to Liverpool in 2018.

He has ever since prove to the world that the money Liverpool bought him with is not just for fun as he helped the club to win the just concluded UEFA Champions League Final.


3. Most expensive Midfielder

Philippe Coutinho is Brazillian who plays as an attacking Midfielder for Barcelona. His record move of €120 from Liverpool to Brcelona in 2018 made him the most expensive Midfielder in the world up till date.

Although since he joined Barcelona for that record fee , he has not enjoyed his playing time well, compare to when he was in Liverpool.

However , the player has been tipped with a move from Barcelona to his Former club Liverpool, and there is assurance that he is going to join Jurgen Klopp side for next season.


4. Most Expensive Forward

Talking about the record signing of all time, and a record that will take years to break. It is the signing of Neymar from Barcelona to  Paris Saint Germain for a world record of €222 .

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is a Brazilian player who plays for Paris saint Germain as a  forward, he is known for his dribbling , skills and pace ,and has won a lot of trophies with the team.

He is however coming back to his former club Barcelona this summer to play alongside Antoine Greizmann.


5. Most expensive striker

surprising!!! , Gonzalo Higuain is the most expensive striker in the world, not even  Suarez, Nor Ibrahimovic , nor Morata can beat the world most expensive striker record.

Higuain was signed from Napoli to Juventus in a world record fee of €90. The Argentina star is enjoying is time in Juventus, and he is part of the all time most expensive world players.

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