The New Champions League Rules

Uefa Committee board has set up new champions league rule which the clubs must adhere to strictly.

The rules which are about nine(9) in numbers will take effect when the champions league kick off on tuesday, September 17 ,2019.

The rules are as follows;

23 Man-Squad

Clubs are allowed to name 23 man-squad, this rule took effect last season, when Liverpool and Tottenham played the champions  league final.

Messi playing free kick against Liverpool
Lionel messi during Liverpool vs Barcelona

When a free kick is about to be played , the defensive wall must be one meter away from the attackers rather than obstructing it.


Goal-kicks and free-kicks can be touched by a team mate while still in the box. Although opponent will not be allowed in the box where goal kick and free kicks are taken.


Any players found using their arms or legs to unknowingly create a goal scoring chance or score themselves will be penalised.


Clubs now will be able to substitute three players from 12 substitutes in a 23 man-squad, this rule took effect in Uefa finals between Tottenham and Liverpool last season.


There is nothing like drop balls anymore. The goal keeper of the team who touched the ball last will be given the ball.


The Era of touching goal post during penalty kicks is over, goal keepers are no longer to allowed to touch goal post during spot kicks, and one leg will be on the goal line when the kick is being taken.

Leaving the pitch

Players will be forced to leave the pitch immediately when they are being substitute to avoid time wasting.

Coin toss

The winner of the coin toss challenge before the start of the match, will now have the option to choose an end to play and start first.

Yellow and red cards

Yellow and red cards won’t only be for players on the pitch alone, managers will now be given yellow and red cards.



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