Time to Decide:Five Urgent Tasks of Barcelona President Bartomeu to improve the current states of the club

 After the game against Valencia, the president of Barcelona was clear: “We have been thinking about the next season for a long time, every year we do it. It is not the moment to explain what will happen…


1. Cut heads

🔷 Apart from Messi, Piqué and Ter Stegen, everyone has a chance of being sold as the idea is that some of the ‘untouchables’ leave the team.


2. Bring new faces

🔶 Griezmann and De Ligt are the priorities that could cover a depressing season finale despite winning La Liga.


3. Take ownership of the story

🔷 Barcelona finding it hard to build a successful story for a season with a league won and the maximum historical point difference from Madrid, sounds like a fiasco.

4. Give explanations.

🔶 There is a need for someone to calm things down and analyze the reason for this situation.

5. Take advantage of the Messi factor.

🔷 The Catalan and world press is unanimous: Messi can not do it alone, he needs accompaniment.



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