Tokyo Olympics : The Highest Paid Athletes

Who are the highest paid athletes who will compete at the Tokyo Olympics ? Meet them here on Sportyleagues as we chronicle all of them.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics games will hit the ground running fully today with the opening ceremony in Japan with other sporting events enlisted for the Olympic games to set to commences.

The list release by Forbes is dominated by NBA stars, tennis players and golfers.

Tokyo Olympics: The Highest Paid Athletes

Jrue Holiday – (United States, $23m)

Tokyo Olympics : The Highest Paid Athletes

Milwaukee Bucks most versatile defensive point guard Holiday is no doubt one of the best player currently in the NBA, the former Philadelphia 76ers player defensive techniques, strength and athleticism it’s one unique thing about his game that stands him above his pairs in the NBA.

Holiday has continuously display his defensive brilliance all through the season for Bucks and as such he would be hoping to continue with that form for the United States basketball team at the Tokyo Olympic in their quest to win gold.

Been a fascinating player he’s one of the highest paid athlete that should light up the basketball event in this year olympic for the American. If you’re a fan of slam and dunk game then Jrue Holiday is one player you should be on the lookout for mainly because of what he’s going to bring into the team.

Khris Middleton – (United States, $27m)

Tokyo Olympics : The Highest Paid Athletes


For all the praise and accolades the Bucks enjoy this season for their magnificent display in final against the Suns it’s was down to the hard work player like Middleton brings to fore. In terms of the defensive play of the team he was very immense for them with his sharpness and ability to guard three to four positions on the court.

When Antetokounmpo was sidelined with knee injury which kept him out of some games Middleton step up with his performances by averaging 29 points, 8.5 rebounds and 7.5 assists in their first two games.

He also make the star-studded United States squad for the Olympic and based on what he’s done in the NBA he should be able to help the Americans get to the final of the basketball event.

Middleton is a champions of the NBA and in that regard it’s no surprise that his take home it’s a whopping amount of money for the Milwaukee Bucks point guard superstar.

Kei Nishikori – (Japan, $30.5m)


Over the years the game of tennis has always put Japan on the world map as one of the best country that produces decent tennis player and as such the 31 year old and world number 57 ranked Nishikori is one of those brilliant talent.

For the tennis event at the Olympic Nishikori will also be against top players like Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray as he preps up to represent his country on home soil with the hope of winning gold at the end of the tournament for Japan.

Aside from representing his country at the Olympic Nishikori is also representing himself pretty well as one of the highest paid athlete at the tournament. It’s would be quite interesting to see him win gold perhaps at least silver for Japan to further rack up more cash to his account.

Devin Booker – (United States, $30.5m)

Tokyo Olympics : The Highest Paid Athletes


Another great athlete that makes it into the list his Phoenix Suns superstar Devin Booker who is also in the Americans squad for the basketball event. Though Booker couldn’t help is team triumph over the Bucks in the final of the NBA but that doesn’t take anything away from him as a player.

Taking home an astronomical money mention above isn’t a child play, Booker has been able to earn such a huge amount of cash because of his talent and deals signed. The Phoenix Suns player would also be instrumental for the USA once the game commences against world class opponents.

For those who hasn’t seen Booker play before should watch out for him at the Olympic as the Suns point guard get set to hit the ground running.

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Rory McIlroy – (North Ireland, $32m)

Tokyo Olympics : The Highest Paid Athletes

When talking about a golfer that often pull a huge crowd when he’s in action the North Ireland player his definitely one of those superstar that could be put in that conversation. Having burst onto the scene as a young golfer winning four majors and capturing the hearts and mind of many golf enthusiast.

Mcllroy is no doubt one best golf player that fans often looks forward to see play particularly the Briton, as they look forward to see him conjure some form of magic at the Olympic golf event when he steps onto the court.

Although he endured a poor 2020 campaign but up his game this year in style as such a lot would be banking on him to display a replica of that form for his country at the Olympic golf event.

Novak Djokovic – (Serbia, $34.5m)

Tokyo Olympics : The Highest Paid Athletes

In an era of great tennis players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer the Serbian also prove himself to be one of the best player to reckon with when mentioning top players. The Wimbledon champions his currently ranked number one in the world and as always his fans would definitely be looking forward to him achieve greatness at the Olympic.

While Djokovic has been quite impressive all through the year winning and dominating his opponents, the question is would he be able to replicate such form at the tennis event against other top players that would be involved in the tournament.

His the bookmakers favorite to win gold and should he go on to win that means more honor and money for the Serbian.

Damian Lillard – (United States, $40.5m)

Tokyo Olympics : The Highest Paid Athletes

One player that has often keep the Portland Trail Blazers up the their sleeves in the NBA is Lillard.
He has been quite good for the Blazers in the 2020-21 season in the Western Conference.

Making these list isn’t a mistake because he’s been brilliant for his club and as such he deserves a huge pay check. His leadership on and off the court is second to non which upcoming players who wants to achieve success should also tap into.

It’s would be quite interesting to see him combine well with the likes of Holiday, Lillard, and Booker to deliver gold for team America.

Naomi Osaka – (Japan, $60m)

Tokyo Olympics : The Highest Paid Athletes

From exiting Wimbledon due to mental health of some sort to playing at the Olympic games it’s a pointer to how strong mentally the Japanese is in coming out of challenges to achieve the unimaginable.

Tennis enthusiast all across Japan hope would definitely be on the shoulder of the Grand Slam champions to win gold once the tennis event commences.

Should she go on to win gold at the tournament more endorsement would certain rack up for her and such feat would surely engraved her name in the tennis folklore.

Kevin Durant – (United States, $70m)

Tokyo Olympics : The Highest Paid Athletes

To say KD is one of the finest basketball player ever to grace the NBA court is an understatement, the Brooklyn Nets star his clearly one of the best NBA player you would love to watch play anytime, any day.

Durant influence on the team would hugely be felt because of what he brings to the table on and off the court. He’s led team USA to the FIBA Championships before and he could also achieve that this year with the likes of Booker, Lillard, Holiday in the team.

KD fans would definitely be out to support their man and team because they know what he’s capable of, no wonder he’s ranked number one on these highest paid athletes list at the Olympic games.

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