Top 4 Goalkeepers Who Started Off As Outfield Players In Football

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

We have seen in the past , where goalkeepers scored a goal that salvaged the game for their team or even go as far as getting the winning goal for their team.

There have been instances where defenders who naturally should do all it takes to save the team from losing, have risen to the occasion of becoming goalkeepers, proving to the world that responsibility is a big part of the game.

The game of football requires versatility, which is the ability to play comfortably, in three or more positions. So, it is very essential for almost every footballer.

Due to the fact that nobody knows when and what could happen at any time in the course of 90 minutes, some events become unfolded that will require the versatility of some players to lead the team to glory.

But have you ever thought of the things that weren’t supposed to happen in the round leather game? Like strikers who weren’t supposed to be strikers or the strikers that started as defenders or goalkeepers?

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

Gianluigi Buffon – Italy

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

Buffon was never supposed to be a goalkeeper; if he hadn’t watched football on tv, he would’ve ended up as a midfielder.

When he started to play football, he wasn’t planning on becoming a goalkeeper. While speaking to in 2015, the veteran goaltender revealed “I started to play like all kids do, not as a goalkeeper. i liked scoring goals; in the end, it’s all about scoring goals.”

“Then, from the age of six or seven, I played in midfield, even as a sweeper, and I liked it a lot to be honest. I was very active as a child.”

Everything changed during the 1990 FIFA World Cup as Gialuigi Buffon fell in love with Cameroonian goalkeeper, Thomas N’kono.

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

“He was incredible to look at, iconic. He gave out such passion. He wore long trousers and I was in total awe. The next day, I decided to be a goalkeeper”. Buffon said.

Buffon’s father knew that N’kono was one of Gigi’s first heroes, so he encouraged him to become one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

“Dad suggested I change and try to play in goal. I think after five or six months, I became a pretty good goalkeeper.”

“As I probably had some talent; that immediately drew a lot of attention to me”. Today, what happened afterwards has become history. Buffon gave his first son “Thomas” as a middle name, a lovely homage to the Cameroonian legend.

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Ederson Moraes – Brazil

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

Dutch legend,Ruud Gullit once said “A goalkeeper is a goalkeeper, because he can’t play football”. And as it turns out, this is true here.

Gilberto Lopes discovered Ederson in São Paulo. At that time, he wanted to play as an outfield player. “He told me ‘No professor, not goalkeeper, I want to play in my place at left-back'”

“And it was normal, as he was nine-year old and at that age, what most of the boys want is to score goals and play as outfielders.” Gilberto Lopes, Marca, 2020.

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

Except Gilberto thought that Ederson wasn’t particularly fast or technical, in this regard, Gullit’s thought holds water.

Ederson eventually gave in. He said “When I started to play school, I didn’t have an idol as such, I didn’t really like football in my nursery days.”

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

“So, I began to attend and started playing and after that, I moved to the goal and from that moment I started playing as a goalkeeper, I started following Rogerio Ceni”., 2020.

David De Gea – Spain

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

The Spaniard started up playing futsal and was a striker. According to his former gym teacher, Jose Maria Cruz, David was an outfield player until the age of fourteen and he was playing upfront and was the school’s top goalscorer.

When he moved into football at the age of eleven, he started to have a taste for a goalkeeper position especially because his father was a goalkeeper in the Spanish third division playing for Getafe FC in the 80s.

“I’ve liked playing as a goalkeeper since childhood. My father was one, he trained me. But I also really like playing upfront, scoring goals, that was fun.” He told la sexta, in 2018.

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

Truly, it was fun. But De gea was finally seduced by the golden gloves. Although it seems he sometimes goes back to his attacking ways giving some of his blunders – In any case, this shows that Gullit’s opinion isn’t always true.

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Thibaut Courtois – Belgium

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

The Belgian came from a family that loves Volleyball, his sister even plays international Volleyball; but Courtois definitely wanted to play football.

And he didn’t start out as a goalkeeper, but a full-back. “Until I was 10, I played as a left-back and I did pretty well. But one day I had to make a choice and I didn’t mind being put in the goalkeeper position.” Courtois told Marca in 2016.

Goalkeepers Who Were Never Supposed To Mount Goalposts

Whether Thibaut was right or wrong, he didn’t really have a choice because given his 6.7inches height, it’s either he became a goalkeeper or a basketballer.

“I wasn’t that tall yet at the time, then I had a growth spurt and was 6ft4 aged 16. As I was also playing Volleyball, I had good reflexes especially when it came to diving.”

“I think being distanced from the goalkeeping position for all these years helped me improve my game with the ball at my feet.”

Other Goalkeepers Includes:

Jose MAnuel Pinto – Spain
Adrian – Spain

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