Top 4 Most Controversial Referees In Football

Referees are undoubtedly the alpha and omega in any football match, irrespective of the magnitude of the game they dictate the tune and make sure players adhere to the rules that govern the game.

Every referee has to make difficult decisions that would either get them lot of encomium or get them criticized. Reason why they have one of the toughest job is that every of their calls could either mar or made them in terms of the outcome of the game they officiate.

With the advent of technology been introduced to allow every decisions make by referees to be dissected, double check, and discussed by the fans their works these days now seems very hard.

Referee instincts are so crucial to their decision that making a serious blunder is like committing a crime.

Football referees the fans perceived to be very controversial in handling game.

Mike Dean – (English Referee)
Refereeing: 4 Of Most Controversial Referees In Football

The Wirral born official his often seen as an over-officious, attention seeking and controversy seeking man whom controversy never seems to be distant from.

Since been appointed to the select group of officials for the Premier League in 2000 and the FIFA International Referees, the Wirral born has become one of the most recognized officials in world football and perhaps the most controversial referee.

Just recently Dean requested not to be involved in any Premier League matches this weekend, following a huge chunk of online abuses and death threats he received.

Apparently, things like abuses and death threats to players or officials isn’t something that should be encouraged in modern game however that still doesn’t exonerate the fact that Dean is one of the most controversial referee.

As a top official intense scrutiny and criticism are part of the job, as such in Dean’s doing his job he’s been faced with lots of criticism due to his controversial nature in handling games. With former players opinions about him it’s quite safe to say the Wirral’s born is one of the controversial referee in the game.

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Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez – (Spanish Referee)
Refereeing: 4 Of Most Controversial Referees In Football

Hernandez is considered one of the finest official in Spain, having become a top-flight referee in 2012. He has all the necessary badges and qualifications a top official should posses from FIFA and UEFA before he could be considered a top level referee.

The 38 year old Arrecife’s born his so good that in 2017, he was named the best Spanish official by the technical committee of referees in Spain.

However, despite been a good referee he’s majorly known to be one of the controversial referee, especially with the Real Madrid faithful having sent Sergio Ramos off and disallowed Bale’s goal in previous El Clasico.

Many has opined that Real Madrid are been shown some level of favor in the league by officials, however if you think so you really needs to check out Hernandez track record when in charge of the game featuring Madrid.

Without doubt the records are surely not in favor of Los Merengues, which further gives credence to the fact that Hernandez isn’t one of the referee Los Merengues faithful loves to see officiate their match and that certainly tagged him as one the controversial referee in Spanish football.

Howard Webb – (English Referee)
Refereeing: 4 Of Most Controversial Referees In Football

Rotherham born and retired official Webb is referred to as one of the best referee in the game before he retired. In 2010, Webb became the first referee to officiate the finals of both the UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup in the same year.

Webb during his active days was highly regarded and took charge of more than 500 Premier League and football league matches.

He was accused by rival fans of been a secret supporter of the Red Devils, Manchester United due to some of his decisions involving the Premier League giant especially during Sir Alex Ferguson’s reigns which made the fans sees him as a biased and controversial referee.

The Rotherham born announced his retirement in 2014, and went on to become the technical director of the Professional Game Match Officials Board in England. Although the accused Manchester United referee by some pained fans whose Webb poor decisions has caused them can’t just forgive him in a hurry.

As a matter of fact one of his unaccepted decision was the one that transpired between United and Tottenham in 2009, when he awarded Michael Carrick a penalty in a fair challenge by Spurs goalkeeper Heurelho Gomez however Webb later claimed the decision was one of his biggest career regrets.

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Antonio Mateu Lahoz – (Spanish Referee)
Refereeing: 4 Of Most Controversial Referees In Football

In as much as we know that the job of referee is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive one, not because of anything but because of its difficulties in managing a game without been biased.

As the duty of a referee suggested above that they shouldn’t acted biased in officiating a game and not create a controversy, sadly same can’t be said of the Valencia born official.

The outcome and faith of a team can completely change with poor decisions of a referee, as such during a match between Manchester City and Monaco in the Champions League few seasons ago, Antonio’s weird and poor performance in handling the game got worst as Pep was sent off to the stands and his side were knocked out.

The controversial Lahoz is known for his talkative and quirky approach to referring and his character is a bit bizarre for a referee.

He made the news some years back following a mistake in a match between Barcelona and Sevilla, that got the Blaugrana triumphant at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.

After the match the Spanish Football Association (RFEF) punished him for technical error during the game. In the same vein in the Copa del Rey win for Sevilla against Barcelona, the Valencia born referee was also at the center of controversy once again after Barcelona’s players were convinced he should have given them a penalty instead of a free kick he awarded for the Blaugrana.



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