Top 5 Active Tennis Stars Who Could Become Brilliant Coach

The tennis world has seen lot of great tennis stars gone down the route of appointing legendary ex players as coaches. However it’s an approach that has mixed results because not every legendary tennis players necessarily make a good coach.

Apparently, there is a swing in the tennis world that enables players to hire former stars as coach. We’ve seen Ivan Lendl, Amelie Mauresmo tutored Andy Murray to the pinnacle of his career and a host of other legends who achieved mouthwatering success as a coach.

However some players who enjoyed an illustrious career may find coaching job very tasking and difficult, while some would perform immensely in the act of tutoring, mentoring, coaching and even work as a psychology for their charge.

let’s chronicle active tennis stars who could become a brilliant and vibrant coach.

Rafael Nadal – (Spain)

Top 5 Active Tennis Stars Who Could Become Brilliant Coach

Nadal’s attention to his health and preparation for tournaments could make him a brilliant coach. The Spaniard has impeccable work ethic and a very good fitness regimen that helps him to be in top shape for the big competitions, as such if he choose the route of tutoring other youngster as a coach all of these would prove valuable for him and his player.

Nadal’s friendly approach to his coaching team could groom him into becoming an easy manager to work with. Meanwhile been a multiple Grand Slam winner which comes with great experience, could also prove valuable in nurturing his player to the pinnacle of their career.

The Spaniard also has the mentality of competitiveness in him, that could also help in reducing uncertainty in a player career with a more comprehensive analysis of the game on court from a legend like him.

With all of that, he could be just the right coach for a youngster struggling to break to the top.

Apparently, coaching requires patience and ability to impact impeccable technique into younger players. Without mincing word, looking at the illustrious career of the world number two he does possess the qualities to become a great coach.

Novak Djokovic – (Serbia)


Top 5 Active Tennis Stars Who Could Become Brilliant Coach

Great coaches help younger player to maximize their own talent, having said that the Serbian star his one great player that could become a top manager based on his experience and quality as a player should he take the route just like others.

Novak is known to be a player who pay attention to details and preparation, undoubtedly that alone could make him an excellent tennis coach if he decides to venture into coaching after retirement.

For every top professionals work ethic is one aspect of every profession that is very key, so in that regard the Serbian has what is believed to be a tremendous work ethic which would help him achieve success as a coach.

Obviously not every player considered a great player has the temperament it takes to become a great coach. However with Novak’s jovial attitude and dogged approach to things, that should make him a top coach in the future plus his wealth of experience as a player.

Roger Federer – (Switzerland)

Top 5 Active Tennis Stars Who Could Become Brilliant Coach

The Swiss old war horse been one of the tennis player who has enjoyed lot of empathy and respect from the world of tennis for over two decade now.

Roger may not be the talk of the town now, but his undoubtedly one of the finest tennis player the world has seen grace the courts with his mind-blowing talent.

With his meekness and the in-depth knowledge of the game Roger would make a good coach for a player who wants to breakthrough, and wants to compete with the best. His years of experience and having toed the same path before would prove important in nurturing a player who wants to learn under his tutelage.

It’s very hard to keep working on a player who isn’t ready to leave the baseline and move to the top.

However, Roger knows what it takes to nurture a player into becoming a superstar having worked with the Australian Peter Carter in his younger days before he died in a car accident while on his honeymoon, a year before Federer won his first major silverware at Wimbledon.

Roger would fit in perfectly as a coach with the sound instructions he has also garnered over the years from his coaches, plus been an experience player all of that would work in his favor in helping younger player to breakout of the baseline and move to the top.

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Andy Murray – (Scotland)

Top 5 Active Tennis Stars Who Could Become Brilliant Coach

Andy Murray have also been impacted by lot of great players who mentored and tutored him into becoming arguably the finest British tennis player ever.

Having said so, choosing to become a coach and also give back to the youngster wouldn’t be a bad idea after all.

As a player the Briton his known for his physical hard work on the court, which got him into the top 5 best players in the world.

So been a very hard-working player, should Murray becomes a coach hard work is undoubtedly one of the technique he would love his player to imbibe.

For every professional tennis player, it’s very important to have an impressive backhand, first serve, slice backhand, on the run passing shot, and a good defense.

All of these are the impeccable strength of Murray as a player and as a coach these are some of the things he would want his player to posses as his strengths.

Coaching as a matter of fact requires patience and focus, Murray may not posses the patience quality like others.
However he’s got what could bail him out in difficult moments as a coach which is the ability to understand and focus on what could cause difficulties for his player, having learnt a lot from all of his coaches especially Amelie Mauresmo in difficult time.

Juan Martin Del Potro – (Argentina)

Top 5 Active Tennis Stars Who Could Become Brilliant Coach

Martin in his best form on the court, his definitely the kind of player that could get an opponent coaching team feel discomfort in their box, causes lot of head scratching in the stand, and a downturn eyes for his opponent fann.

The Argentine his well renowned for his forehand which is the biggest strength of he’s, which has broke open lot of points for him.

The former US Open Champion has fall victim to lot of injury setbacks in his career, which has deterred him in reaching the potential he showed as a younger player.

However, the Argentine would no doubt comfortably sit among some of best players on the court without any qualms.

Should Juan Martin Del Potro become a coach, one of the thing he would like to pay more attention to is the health of his player.

Looking back at his career he didn’t quite enjoy an injury free career, so in that case he would be interested in focusing more on the health of his player for him to compete with good and healthy form.

It doesn’t necessarily mean the Argentine would become a great coach, but been a decent player he might wants to put his experience into working as coach.

As the work of every coach is to help player maximize his or her talent, Martin would fit into the that position as a coach should he venture into the trend of ex players becoming a coach.

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