Top 5 Players Who Played their Whole Career With One Club

Players chooses the career path to make it in life. Transfer periods are always littered with players movement either because they have become surplus to requirements at their previous club or because the new club is ready to offer bigger pay/or bigger success than their present clubs.

Sometimes, a club needs money and they may need to sell their best assets for a high price relatively to keep the cheque in balance, make profit and keep the club running.

However, most of the times the player’s wish not go against that of the club and vice versa but here on this list, we take a look at players who irrespective of club situation and personal ambitions, styed at one club all through their career.

Top 5 Players Who Played their Whole Career With One Club


Ac Milan

Paolo Maldini’s loyalty was not coincidental or a fluke, it’s in the blood. It’s not certain that if Paolo had wanted to leave the San Siro, destiny would have allowed him.

Considered as one of the greatest defenders of all time, Paolo earned the reputation after 902 appearances for AC Milan.

Despite the fact that he was approached by Alex Ferguson, Maldini stayed and after retiring, he has returned as the club’s technical director.

Now two of his son’s have put on the club’s shirt just like their grandfather Ceasar Maldini whom Paolo Maldini emulates.

Top 5 Players Who Played their Whole Career With One Club


AS Roma

While Maldini’s unwavering loyalty was averagely tested and trophy-laden, Totti’s 789 appearances for the club brought just one Seria A title, 2 Copa Italias and 2 Supercoppa.

However, his loyalty was rewarded as he became the club’s captain at an age that made him the youngest Captain in Seria A history.

He is also AS Roma record goal scorer and record appearance maker. He definitely would have won more with Real Madrid knocking on his door during his career but that remains the biggest regret for the Italian World Cup winner.

Top 5 Players Who Played their Whole Career With One Club



It wouldn’t have been surprising to find a goalkeeper on this list but what is surprising is the fact that he doesn’t come from Europe where alot would have been familiar with his exploits.

Irrespective, Ceni remains one of the iconic goalkeepers of all time with a record appearance of 1152 matches for Sao Paolo in Brazil which is also the record for most appearance by any individual at any single club.

Another interesting aspect is that the goalkeeper would have succeeded as striker as he scored over hundred goals for the club winning three Brazilian titles and two Copa Libertadores although that may have been different with Arsenal who were interested in him.

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Top 5 Players Who Played their Whole Career With One Club



Barcelona legend and one of Spain’s best ever defenders rose from the ranks of Camp Nou and built a name without having to switch sides.

He may have won one World Cup and two UEFA Euros with Spain but with Barcelona Puyol was equally phenomenal playing 682 times and winning everything.

He also captained the team for ten years from 2004 till he retired.

Top 5 Players Who Played their Whole Career With One Club


Manchester United

Giggs, that’s the answer to “How can you win 32 winners medal at one club?”.

As unbelievable as it sounds, the man who never went to a major international tournament with Welsh national team had 13 Premier League, two Champions League, four FA Cups and three League Cups in 963 games.

While he was approached by Ac Milan in the late 90s, the most decorated British players would definitely be glad with his decision to stay in Manchester.

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