Top 6 Football Freestylers In 2022

Ever wondered who are football freestylers and what the game is really all about? Freestyle football is an essential art of self-expression using the round leather game where an individual performs various tricks, juggling moves, and the other parts of the body to play the game.

Freestyle football came into the limelight in the 1990s and since then it has developed into a major sport that is blossoming into what fans know and love to watch.

With a lot of freestyle football athletes now scattered all over the globe, we can boldly say it has become an aspect of the round leather game of football that has gained quite huge popularity in the 21st century.

Top 6 Football Freestylers In 2022

So here on Sportyleagues, we’ll chronicle the top six freestylers in the world currently.

Emmi Bjorn

Top 6 Football Freestylers In 2022

Emmi Bjorn is a 24-year-old football freestyler and circus performer who has been doing her thing since the age of 8.

The turning point for Bjorn as a freestyler was when she accidentally found a video of the Red Bull Street Style female world final in 2016 which propelled her into loving the art the more and since then it’s been a journey she’s never regretted.

Emmi Bjorn is a magician with the ball and can do several combinations and mind-blowing skills that will leave wondering, as such she’s ranked number one as a freestyler.

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Indi Cowie

Top 6 Football Freestylers In 2022

When you talk about brilliant freestyler you will definitely have to squeeze in the name of Cowie, which many fans of freestyle football thought to be a magician too.

For those who haven’t seen Cowie in action you just have to check her out on Twitter or Instagram to witness how brilliant this great football freestyler can be with the ball.

She’s capable of combining insane skills when doing her thing too, and she always make sure she doesn’t leave any stone unturned in making sure her fans enjoy her show.

Alexander Mendoza

Top 6 Football Freestylers In 2022

In the third position is Alexander Mendoza a great freestyler that tends to defy gravity and always manages to surprise his fans with great skill on the ball.

Mendoza is well renowned for how fast his feet are and how crazy fans are when they watch him do some unbelievable things with the ball on his feet.

To see how impeccable Mendoza is with the ball on his feet, just try watching some of his clips on Twitter or Instagram to know how good this man is.

Lisa Zimouche

Top 6 Football Freestylers In 2022

Freestyle legend Lisa Zimouche also has a place on the list having made a huge name for herself in freestyling.

Zimouche is so good that named her the queen of nutmegs all over the globe, for how brilliant she’s been doing her thing when it comes to freestyle football and making the fans happy.

She’s also a magician that controls the ball with every part of her body as if she’s talking to the ball, no wonder she’s dubbed the freestyle legend and queen of nutmegs.

Caitlyn Schrepfer & Tobias Becs

Top 6 Football Freestylers In 2022


In number five and six-position respectively are no other than the duo of Schrepfer and Becs, two great freestylers who in their own right are also interesting to watch.

Caitlyn Schrepfer on the other hand is a freestyle champion who includes insane acrobatics with her skills to make her fans enjoy what she does.

Most importantly she’s believed to have a unique style that stands her out amongst others and she’s always very entertaining to watch.

Top 6 Football Freestylers In 2022

While for Becs is well renowned for his risky tricks when he freestyles hanging from a crane.

As a matter of fact, Becs has taken freestyling to new heights with the ways he does his things and super entertaining with the ball on his feet.

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