Top 7 Talented Male Tennis Players Who Failed To Fulfill Their Potential

Many talented male tennis players dream is to win a grand slam in any of the big tournaments,  and its one irresistible achievement a tennis player would love to achieve.

While some players are well rewarded for their talents and hard work, some flattered to deceive despite been gifted with great talent. We have lots of talented male tennis players, but we will be mentioning some exceptional ones among them.

Ahead of the 2021 Australian Open slated for February, here on Sportyleagues we’ll look at some of the talented male tennis players who failed to build on their talent and also failed to claim glory when it’s mattered or even reach the apex of their career.

Robin Soderling – (Sweden)

Top 7 Talented Male Tennis Players Who Failed To Fulfill Their Potential

Tennis isn’t different from other sports, as there are lot of over hyped players who didn’t deserve to be named among the best or been accord the credit they’re often given. Soderling had managed to grabbed the limelight, having shown flashes of brilliancy but in the end he failed to live up to expectations.

He was one of the most challenging players on the court in 2009-2010, he was also responsible for the great upset that transpired at the Roland Garros in 2009 where he triumphed over Rafeal Nadal with a 6-2, 6-7, 6-4, 7-6.

During that period , Soderling was playing out of his skin going toe to toe with the big boys in the tennis world, and as a matter of fact his victory against Nadal was the best match he ever played.

Soderling couldn’t continue his cinderella’s run at the Roland Garros when he lost to Roger Federer in the final. However he did returned to defeat the Swiss in the semi’s which ended his 23 consecutive semi’s at the Grand Slam stage, but lost to Nadal in the final in straight sets.

The year 2010 could be said to be Soderling’s standout year since he started playing professionally, where he was ranked 4th best player, defeated Stan Wawrinka, and Federer having came back from a set down in Abu Dhabi. He dropped down to 5th when he lost to Nadal at the Wimbledon in the quarter finals.

Fast forward to 2011, the Swedish won some couple of titles at the Tours and even hired a new coach which further helped his performances.

Unfortunately for Soderling he had a slump in form between March and May which led to a downturn in his career, although he found a way to win the Swedish Open before he retired due to wrist injury and mononucleosis.

Mardy Fish – (USA)
Top 7 Talented Male Tennis Players Who Failed To Fulfill Their Potential

The American turned professional in 2000 at the age of 18, and spent his first few years as a Pro playing in the Challenger and Future Circuits. Fish won his first title on the ATP Tour doubles with compatriot Andy Roddick in U.S Men’s Clay Court Championship in 2002.

Fish’s career improved significantly in 2003 having won the ATP Tour doubles with Roddick in 2002, crowned it up with his first ATP singles title and reached the biggest final of his career at the Cincinnati. The American also won six tournaments on the main ATP Tour, and reached the final of four Master Series.

Despite winning some of the small titles in the tennis world, his best results at the Grand Slam tournaments was just reaching the quarterfinals thrice.

He took his incredible performance to the 2004 Summer Olympic where he reached the final in the Men’s singles, and lost to Nicolas Massu having been tipped to win.

In the ATP rankings, the American reached a singles high ranking 7th in the world, he then retired after the 2015 US Open. Fish was highly tipped to go on and win a Grand Slam, unfortunately he couldn’t despite showing lot of brilliance as a young player, but he is still regarded as one of the talented male tennis players in the world.

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Nick Kyrgios – (Australia)<
Top 7 Talented Male Tennis Players Who Failed To Fulfill Their Potential

The tennis Balotelli is no doubt a tennis player with lots of talent, but his controversial act has turned him into the bad boy of tennis.

Kyrgios has had lot of decent head to head with the big boys of the game, as a matter of fact he has 3-5 head to head record against the Spaniard Rafael Nadal, and 2-0 record against the Serbian Novak Djokovic.

As talented as the Australian his which he has shown in different matches, his antics on the court has always proved to be his undoing and perhaps the reason why he has failed to do justice to his incredible potential.

Kyrgios could have fared better had it been he channel those energy he uses in causing trouble that got him suspended, fined, and even warned for misbehavior perhaps he could have been one of the finest in the game.

However, despite all of his shortcomings when the Australian his at his best he could take any one to the cleaner.

As Kyrgios progresses in his tennis career, he needs to checkmate his controversial attitude, by so doing perhaps he could go on and turn up to be one of the best tennis player, however it’s left to be seen if he would work on his bad attitude.

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Ernests Gulbis – (Latvia)

Top 7 Talented Male Tennis Players Who Failed To Fulfill Their Potential

When chronicling tennis players that did showed lot of brilliance, during their active careers you won’t be wrong if the Latvian was listed. Gulbis at his peak was ranked among the top players in 2014 and also reached the semi’s of the 2009 French Open.

Gulbis decline was faster then expected, due to his laziness and mental collapse in big matches. Although he was well renowned for his excellent first serve, a great forehand and a decent groundstrokes.

The Latvian failed to seize his opportunities due to his babyish inconsistency in the game. In that regard Gulbis went from a player who was seen as the next big thing after bread and butter in the world of tennis, to a player struggling for victories on the big stages despite been touted as one of the finest, but he is still regarded as one of the talented male tennis players in the world.

Bernard Tomic – (Australia)
Top 7 Talented Male Tennis Players Who Failed To Fulfill Their Potential

Before the German born began competing on the ITF Junior Tour, he stated that he would become the number one tennis player in the world, win all the Grand Slams and become Australia’s youngest Davis Cup player. Having said all of that, he also claimed he would achieve these goals by attaining the serve of Goran Ivanisevic, the mind of the great Pete Sampras, the groundstrokes of Roger Federer and the heart of Lleyton Hewitt.

As interesting as all of that sound Tomic best performance in a Grand Slam was a quarterfinal finish in the 2011 Wimbledon. Like Kyrgios, like Tomic his fallout with the Tennis Australia, poor behavior with the spectators and clashes with the law contributed to his dwindled career.

According to report, he’s been said to be bored and tired of game when he losses. However been a one time World number 17th in 2016 and a two time junior Grand Slam singles Champions, that still help him find a way to push on, even though he isn’t rank among the best anymore.

Perhaps if he stay consistent and try to make it to the main draw of Grand Slams regularly, hopefully we might see him achieve great success and eventually justify the impeccable potential he’s shown when he started as a youngster.

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Richard Gasquet – (France)
Top 7 Talented Male Tennis Players Who Failed To Fulfill Their Potential

At the age of nine the Frenchman was touted as the future champion of tennis, step forward to when he become a grown up man Gasquet hasn’t lived up to the expectations of the fans. In his professional career as a tennis player, the Frenchman has won 15 singles titles and he has been ranked 7th in 2007.

Gasquet has been on the tour for over 18 years and is currently ranked 56 in the world, he’s also well known for his strong one handed backhand in the tennis world. Despite been touted to be a future champion on the court, his head to head records with the top ranked players is very poor indicating he’s not the player for the big stages.

His talent has always got him a regular appearances in almost all of the ATP tournaments, he often fails to make a convincing run, but he is still regarded as one of the talented male tennis players in the world.

Gael Monfils – (France)

Top 7 Talented Male Tennis Players Who Failed To Fulfill Their Potential

Monfils was named the ATP newcomer of the year in 2005, and he has won ten ATP world tour singles titles plus been a runner up twenty one times in ATP Tour Tournaments. The Frenchman has also reached at least one ATP World Tour singles final and scored at least one singles win against the top player every year since 2005.

The French entertainer of tennis as he’s been called, his well known for his incredible speed, power and offensive play on the court which often gives him advantage over his opponent. As great as all of that sounds, yet he hasn’t been able to keep up to his incredible potential.

Monfils has a fantastic defensive game, plus an impeccable drop shots and thunderous backhand slices. Despite all of that, even when he played out of his skin yet he has failed to achieve great success with that it’s a big concern to his potential, but he is still regarded as one of the talented male tennis players in the world.

He won two ATP titles in 2020, it’s left to be seen if he would come out of his shell and dish out all of his good side on the court in this year.


All of these tennis players are great guys to watch on their good days or when they get going in full flow, however the impeccable potentials of these players hasn’t translated into something great for them in their respective tennis career. All these men mentioned above are still regarded as talented male tennis players in the world despite their flaws.

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