Top Ten Fastest Premier League Hat tricks

A hat-trick occurs in football when a player scores three goals in a single game, whereas scoring two goals is called a brace, the extra time in a knockout cup match may also be calculated towards a player’s potential hat-trick.


Below is a list of Premier league players with the fastest scored Hat tricks-


10.Robin Van Persie

Robin Van Persie was known as one of the best strikers in premier league during his stay. The Dutchman made his debut season at Old Trafford memorable by winning his first league title and also scoring one of the fastest hat tricks in the history of the league. He completed scoring the three goals before the 33 minutes of their 4-0 win over Aston Villa in 2003.


9. Michael Owen

Michael Owen was one of the best and prolific goalscorers in the premier league and at the time he made this record he was still young. Young Owen tore Aston Villa into bits in the first 33 minutes of kick off making the record of the nineth fastest hat trick in premier league’s history. Micheal Owen is on the nineth spot because he beats Van Persie’s hat trick with seconds. The Englishman’s hat trick was the only goal scored by Liverpool at Anfield in 2000 winning Aston Villa 3-1.


8. Michael Owen

Michael Owen is the first and only person to appear on the list twice.He scored this hat trick faster than his former one with one minute. This hat trick came in an away win against Newcastle in 1998 just before 32 minutes of play. The Englishman was 18 years when he made this record, his hand-rubbing celebration is now legendary, but the speed he showed was truly awe-inspiring.


7. Yakubu Aiyegbeni

Yakubu was known as a force in nature who is fully rhythmed. He is the first and only Nigerian on the list, the Nigerian made his name on this list after showing his force when his then Club Portsmouth defeated Middlebrough 5-1 featuring him on the scoreboard four times in 2004. His first three goals were before 31 minutes of play making him the seventh player with the fastest hat trick in the Premier League.


6. Robbie Fowler

For sometime this was the fastest premier league hat trick.It took him just four minutes and 33 seconds between the first and third goal. Robbie Fowler was a notable and outstanding player during his stay in the premier league, he scored this quick hat trick in a seven goal thriller against the Gunners on the 28th of August in held the title of quickest hat-trick for over a decade.


5. Andrew Cole

Andrew Cole was already a prolific and promising striker for Newcastle before joining Manchester United. He holds the record of one of the quickest hat tricks in the premier league after single handedly helped the Magpies to defeated European giants Liverpool where he converted his three attempts to goal. Andrew Cole’s hat trick was the only goal scored that day in Newcastle’s 3-0 win over Liverpool.


4. Ian Marshall

Ian Marshall holds the record of one of the quickest hat tricks in the premier league history. He played for Leicester City at the time when he made this record. The striker unleashed his full potential on Derby after who were already leading the game 1-0, Before the 27 minutes Marshall equalised with a stunning volley, capitalised on a huge goalkeeping error to give Leicester the lead and then put the Foxes out of sight with a clipped left-foot finish in full stride. The Game ended with Leicester City winning 4-2 on the 27th Of February, 1997.


3. Jermaine Pennant

The Third quickest hat trick in the history of the Premier League was scored by Gunners Ex player Jermaine Pennant after losing the 2003 title to Manchester United. Arsenal used the annoyance of losing the title to defeat Southampton 6-1 which saw Jermaine Pennant scoring all three goals within the first 26 minutes of play. The game ended with Robert Pires also securing an hat trick along side with a goal scored by Thierry Henry.


2. Dwight Yorke

This was the fastest premier league hat trick for 14 years but records are set to be broken so it now sit on the second spot on the list. It was a match between Manchester United and Arsenal in 2001 that saw Yorke make this awesome record. The Red Devils demolished the Gunners 6-1 which saw Dwight Yorke scored at that time the fastest premier league hat trick before 22 minutes of play to establish a gap in between themselves and th Gunners. United’s lead was extended to a whopping 16 points.


1. Sadio Mané

The fastest premier league hat trick was scored by Sadio Mane while at Southampton on the 16 of May 2015 where his team demolished Aston Villa 6-1. It was at the end of his debut season in England he netted a ridiculous hat-trick against Aston Villa that not only took place in the opening 16 minutes of the match, but also took him just two minutes 56 seconds to complete. Mane broke Yorke’s record after showcasing his shooting ability as he planted one top bins from 20 yards to complete his ridiculous hat-trick.


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