Top Ten Teams With The Highest UEFA Coefficient Points.

The UEFA Coefficient is used to rank the most efficient club in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa league, points are being allocated to the teams per wins, draws and qualifications. This points are now calculated over five years and used to find the best team in the competition. Bonus points are also allocated on performance basis like if a club qualify for the semi finals or Quarter finals and also final. This article is only going to talk about the top ten clubs with the highest Coefficient ranking from 2016/17 season to the 2020/21 campaign which is currently taking place.
The following clubs have the highest UEFA coeffiecent points according to the above calcations (I.e 2016/17 – 2020/21). I am absolutely sure that you wont guess correctly the club which sits in the first spot.

10. Liverpool – 81.000

Liverpool are one of the best English club domestically and internationally. they have won six European cups with their latest title coming last year when they defeated their fellow English club Tottenham in the finals of the UEFA Champions League. They are one of the most widely supported teams in the world and the seventh highest earning football club. The Reds are the tenth football club with the highest number of UEFA Coefficient points.

9. Sevilla – 83.000

Sevilla are the overall most successful football club in the UEFA Europa League winning the title on six different occassions with the most recent one coming this year where they defeated italian giants Inter Milan in the final. Due to their success rate and competiting spirit, they have contributed many players to the Spain national team throughout their existence. They are one of the oldest Spainish football club and also one of the most successful. Los Palanganas are the nineth football club with the highest UEFA Coefficient points.

8. Manchester United – 91.000

In the European competition, Manchester United are the most successful club in England, their last European title was the UEFA Europa League which they won in 2016/17 while their last UEFA Champions League truimph was in the 2007/08 campaign. They have won the highest amount of league title which automatically makes them the most decorated English football club, they are a three time UEFA Champions League winner. The Red Devils have the eighth highest UEFA Coefficient points since 2016/17 campaign.

7. Paris Saint Germain – 93.000

Currently, Paris Saint Germain are the strongest French football club and also one of the most successful in history. Since 2011 that the club was purchased by Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani through a state owned shareholding organization Qatar Sports Investments, they have won majority of the league title they participated in. PSG were the runner up of the 2020 UEFA Champions League which Bayern Munich won, it is their first appearance in a Champions League final. The French giants are the richest French club but they are yet to win an UEFA top flight competition since 1996 that they won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup. The Red and Blues have the seventh highest UEFA Coefficient points.

6. Manchester City – 94.000

Manchester City are one of the most successful English football club in terms of domestic competition, they won the domestic treble in 2019 of whic no other English club has done in history. In te same year they won the domestic treble they were estimated has the fifth most valuable club in the world by Forbes. Despite their power, they are yet to command an European title since 1970 that they won the UEFA Cup Winner Cup. Last season they were eliminated in the semi final of the UEFA Champions League by Olymique Lyon, they have sixth highest UEFA Coefficient points.

5. Atletico Madrid – 103.000

Atletico Madrid are one of the strongest Spainish clubs in domestic and European competition and they are the third most successful club in the Spanish Football. They were the runner up of the UEFA champions league in 2014 and 2016 and won the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup in 2010, 2012, and 2018. They have the fifth highest UEFA Coefficient points.

4. Juventus – 103.000

Juventus are the powerhouse of italian football, they have won the highest domestic title. They have the highest appearances in an UEFA Champions League without victory in the past decade. The last time they won an European competition was 1996. They have not missed out on the Champions League in the past decade which is a better reason why they are the fourth football club with the highest UEFA Coefficient Points.

3. Real Madrid – 105.000

Real Madrid are the most successful and decorated football club in history. THey have a record 13 UEFA Champions League title winning three consecutive ones in 2016, 2017 and 2018. TheWhite Powerhouse have the third highest UEFA Coefficient points.

2. Barcelona – 106.000

Barcelona are the most successful Spanish Club when it comes to domestic competitions, they have won majority of the Spanish La Liga title in the past decade. Their last UEFA Champions League triumph was in the 2012 under Pep Guardiola, since then their best performance was reaching the semi finals of the competition. They have the second highest UEFA Coefficient point.

1. Bayern Munich – 111.000

Bayern Munich are the current holder of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup. They are a six time winner of the UEFA Champions League. Also they have dominated all the domestic competitions that they participate in. The Bavarians have the highest UEFA Coefficient Point.

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