Who is the most unlucky footballer ever? Why?

There are many footballers in the world of football today, who are unlucky ,when it comes to Trophy’s winning.

The big question here is just to tell who is the Most unlucky footballer ever, and why?

The answer to this question is not far fetched as the only answer that comes to my mind right now is Philippe Coutinho.

We all know this Man? His name reminds us of great clubs out there,from the premier League to La-Liga, but he is just so unlucky.



Philippe Coutinho  is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for Spanish club Barcelona and the Brazilian national team. He is known for his combination of vision, passing, dribbling and bending long-range strikes

Philippe Coutinho came to lime light when he joined Liverpool, but his dreams of winning the Big league UEFA champions League never came to reality when he was in England.

He searched for greener pasture, this made him to join Barcelona in search of UEFA Trophy.


Coutinho was well respected by both Fans and No-Fans, but his search for UEFA champions league Trophy made him to join the Elite Club Barcelona.

Unfortunately, the Club he left Liverpool Fc, were the same team that trashed Barcelona 4-0 to book their place in the UEFA final.


Can you see he is so Unlucky?, not only that his club was beaten, Liverpool FC went on to win the Champions Leagues, the Trophy he has always dreamed of.

What an unfortunate situation. Not only that he has not been able to win the champions league with Barcelona, his performance has also diminished since joining Barcelona.

Guess Barcelona is not just the club for him? Or Philippe Coutinho is just so unlucky. He recently agreed that Barcelona form has been a lot worse than expected.

In conclusion, we can say Philippe Coutinho is the worst player ever, leaving Liverpool after all this years and joining Barcelona in a bid to win Champions League and the same club he left eventually win the trophy.

The moral of this lesson is,” grass is not always greener on the other side’

Patience is the key to every success in life.


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