Why African players are yet to win the ballon d’or after George Weah

Football in Africa has been declining, since a decade now, we no longer have quality football in Africa, especially after the class of  Liberia’s George Oppong Weah and  Ghana’s Abedi Ayew Pele.

Africa is yet to see any player that can compete with the class of European players, although we have seen some players like Cote d’ivoire Didier Drogba, Nigeria Jay Jay Okocha, Cameroon Samuel Eto that have gotten to some certain heights in their footballing career, but they could not meet up with the current standard in Europe.

Will there be any other African player to win ballon d’or? The answer is not far fetched, with the current standard of football in Africa,it will be very difficult to see an African player win the ballon d’or in the next coming years.

Looking at the AFCON that was just concluded in Egypt, we only have few stars to point at, apart from Mahrez of Algeria, Salah of Egypt and Mane of Senegal. who plays their football in big clubs like, Manchester City, and Liverpool respectively, which other African player can we talk about? none.

Right now, i can categorically say that football is dead in Africa. No wonder its always a big problem for our players in Africa to get signed in clubs outside Africa Continent.

Meet George Weah ,the only Africa Player with the Ballon’dor Tittle.

For some people who do not know who the above man is, its time to look back at history. George Weah is an African player, whose country of Origin is precisely from Liberia. You might be wondering, Liberia?, Yes. Liberia seems not to be a popular footballing nation, but that was where the First and only African World best comes from.

Like our Lord Jesus Christ , the saviour of the world was given birth  in a small town, and He turned to be the greatest and  the name people call today.

George Weah was born in Liberia, and he started playing football at tender age, he spent 14 years playing for clubs in Europe.

His fame was well known and was regarded as the African greatest never to have played in a world cup match, he won the Ballon d’or in 1995 with AC Milan.

Since George Weah was named ballon d’or winner in 1995, no African player is yet to match his feat.

Why is another African yet to win the balloon d’or?

Even with Salah and Mane currently nominated among the world best, we all know that they can not match the standard of players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Van Dijk.

Technically, Africa is backward, talking about how Africa football is being run, all the African player of the year plays their football in Europe, why can’t any player playing in Africa win the African player of the year?, the grass root football is not developed.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo started from grass root, most players in Europe started playing from academy and graduated to the senior level, but it is not so in Africa, as players in Africa are picked base on sentiments.

This have not in anyway help Africa as this system is only bringing backwardness to Africa football, and as a result we won’t be able to produce any African balloon d’or winner in the next coming years.

Another issue Africa needs to tackle is falsification of age in professional football.

Imagine a 30 years old player ,lying that he is just 20 years ,so that he will be able to play for a team.

I can bet you before he gets to play like two world cups, he would have become weak and feeble.

How then will he be able to compete with players like Messi and Ronaldo?

Its not possible, as European players don’t always falsify their age.

Africa needs to step up their games, check where they are getting it wrong in order to produce the next African balloon d’or winner.


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