Why Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as the most respected player in the world , because of his unique talent and professionalism.

When you are playing with Cristiano Ronaldo you are already 1-0 ahead of the game, he has a brilliant performance.

There are some things Ronaldo can do with a ball that makes me to touch my head and wonder how on earth he did that.

Luiz Figo 2018

His arch-rival Lionel Messi also confirms why Ronaldo is the most respected player in the world, he said  ” Ronaldo is always there scoring goals and taking part in his club and national team”.

He confirms Ronaldo has been doing that for many years. This affirmation confirms Cristiano has the most respected player in the world today.

His teammates confirm that it is impossible to follow Cristiano Ronaldo train, he is always ahead of them. He beats player after player.

Ronaldo gets to training early. When asked why he gets to training early?, he says “I want to be the best player in history”. Indeed, hard work pays.

Mourinho says when interviewed ” He is the best in the world, probably the best ever, I saw Maradona, but never saw Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo is amazing, he is the best and a goal machine.

cristiano Ronaldo is 34 years, but still, he still trains more than the young players we have in football now. No wonder he is a 5 time Ballon d’Or winner.

CR7 fondly called, makes the most difficult game looks easy, he trains harder than any other player in Manchester united.

He is so passionate about what he does and about football, he always aspires to be the best, and always want to be first in anything, no wonder he promised Juventus a champions league trophy.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a model for everyone, especially the youngsters in football.






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