Why Suarez kiss his hand TWICE when he scores

Its a mystery seeing Suarez kissing his hand after scoring every goal. The Uruguayan striker kisses his hand twice to celebrate his goal, he kisses his ring, wrist, and fingers. A lot of people have been questioning the FC Barcelona star, that why on earth will he do that.

We have seen a lot of players kiss their wedding rings when scoring goals, by doing that they devote their goals to their wives, this is not the case with Luis Suarez, he wants to celebrate all his family.

first, he kisses his ring to celebrate his beautiful and lovely wife Sofia, then he kisses his wrist because there is a tattoo on it that says Delfina, that is the name of his eldest daughter. After, he kisses three fingers to celebrate his family as a whole.

this also represents the number of opponents he has bitten, thats just a joke.

The three fingers represent is three children, Suarez loves his family so much and they have always been very important to him.

He met his lovely wife Sofia when he was a teenager in Montevideo and had that feeling that she is the one.  Sofia gave Luiz Suarez his confidence back. Luiz Suarez said in an interview that ” I was very lazy about studying….she helped me to realize that it wasn’t because i was a dunce……but because I wasn’t interested”.

Sofia’s family loved Luis and welcomed him to the family, but on a particular day Sofia’s family decided to move to Spain, he felt bad but he vowed not to give up on his dream to be with her. All he needs to do was to win a professional contract in Europe, so he played very well and scored a lot of goals.

A club in the Netherlands FC Groningen took note of his brilliant performance and signed him. Suarez finally ended up at FCBarcelona.

He has scored great goals this season, scored 6 goals in 8 appearances. That’s a lot of kissing I guess.

His daughter Delfina is now 9 years old, mathematically it means Luis Suarez has kissed his wrist tattoo 277 times, his second child, the eldest son Benjamin turned 6 this year,  and the newest addition, Lautaro, just turned one.

Even though he has battled injury this year, he hasn’t slowed down his scoring. and of course, each time he nets, he kisses all his loved ones.



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