Why the USA Female team is better than their male team

Rapinoe and her team won the 4th world cup in the USA history.

something their USA men’s team failed to do, they are barely known in the history of football.

Right now, everybody in the world knows the USA female team, including a toddler for their brilliant performance in the just concluded female world cup in France.

The USA women’s team is the most successful in tome’s football, winning four women’s world cup titles, including the first women’s world cup in 1991.

There is no comparison between the two teams, as the men’s team has just reached the semi-final once in 89 years.


  •    TITLE IX

This law is the education amendment act of 1972 federal law, which gives equal right of participation for both sexes in USA.

No person in the United States ,shall , on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance

The law changed the women’s sport entirely in United States,as it gives both men and women the right to infrastructure, financial support, championships and they are both treated equally.

The college leagues were created in 1982, and this has made the USA female team, which was created three years after the college league more superior over other female national teams in the world, very few countries give women so many resources.


Americans believe football is a women’s sport, the citizens likes sports with more contacts, that is why they have more interest in the American football, Ice hockey as they both have more collision, it represents ‘Masculinity’ in USA.

They believed violent tackles are rare in football and if it does happens, they are normally punished by the referee,and this frustrates American fans as they believe in the power of Masculinity.


In USA, entertainment comes first , and football does not entertain them that much, unlike NBA, American Baseball, American Football which gives a high level of entertainment, as the fans gets to entertain themselves from the teams collision, the number of goals going into the net, and how they flex their masculinity.

Unlike football , which has low tempo and it bores Americans, they believe there are fewer goals and the story lines can be predicted.

Despite the challenge female football face in America, the woman have excelled and no teams could questioned their superiority,

The men have a long way to catch up with their male counterparts in the world, and this is a clear warning sign to the men’s team as the female are already dominating football in the world.

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